Many individuals have written us with fascinating stories of how God has touched their lives through Sam’s ministry.  We wanted to share a few of these encouraging testimonies with you.

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“As a long-time personal friend and former pastor to Sam Farina, I appreciate his ability to communicate to young and old alike in small or in large settings and his ever-present passion for the ministry and desire to bring glory to God and to further the Kingdom.”
Pastor Jerry Strandquist
Cedar Valley Church, Bloomington, MN

“Thank you for being so kind to talk with me last Sunday.  …I bought your CD’s on the rapture of the church.  I have studied for years on this topic and I loved your CD’s.  WOW!  What an exciting message you bring. You truly have a gift and I encourage you to keep going.”
Dave from Kenosha, WI

“Sam has been a good friend of mine for many years.  He is a dynamic communicator, and I have seen him effectively connect with folks of all ages.  Sam has a gift of creating inspiration and fanning the fire of God in the hearts of those who hear him speak.  I appreciate his passion for seeing the lost turn to God and seeing gifts of the Spirit flow in the lives of others.”
Pastor Mike Oney
Grace Assembly, Wake Forest, NC

“What you said to us in your prayer… Everything just opened my eyes.  For this I thank you very much.  I want to tell you how much you helped me.  [Before tonight] I became depressed and questioned God’s plan many times.  You have done so much in one night and I am very grateful.”
Theodore from Saskatoon, SK

“I wanted to say thank you for letting God use you in such a powerful way.  You really made a difference with God’s message.  We must start with our young people to make a difference in this world.  Blessings for you and your wife and all your staff.”
Denise from Kenosha, WI

“Your ministry in Wisconsin touched many lives. My brother-in-law accepted the Lord at a convention you preached at. You preached a message 30-years ago at Grace Assembly of God on Lisbon Ave in Milwaukee that changed the  Tomatz family, ”Sins of the Father” being visited upon the 3rd and 4th generation.” After you preached that message you had an alter call. I remember like it was yesterday going to the altar to seek the Lord. My brother & I went together. As I turned around to kneel in the front pew I saw my father & elder brother coming forward. That night we all sought the Lord asking God to break the generational sins that crept into our family. Be encouraged to continue to be obedient to do whatever God is telling you to do. To preach whatever God tells you to preach and to go where God calls you to go. I’m sure over many years of ministry you may never know the direct results of your ministry in what the Lord is doing or has done. It is not by accident, but it was the direct result of an obedient preacher. Thank you Sam. May God bless you and your family. Thank you for being obedient!
S. Tomatz, MN

“Have you ever sat in a seminar that blew your mind? I just had that experience! I would have never guessed that I would be changing my aproach in pastoral counseling that I have had for years. However, after this amazing coaching seminar that approach is now changed.”
Bob Wetzler
Ohio District Coach Training participant

“Thanks again for your coaching commitment and flexibility, I am deeply grateful and know God has ordained this experience. I was moved at one point so deeply emotionally and with tears, I paused and prayed as you shared about the bridge of transition and your being excited for me.”
Coach Training participant

After using the 363′s I can honestly say that hands down it is the best tool for coaching new clients, or anyone else. I believe that every coach should use this tool. Not just as a tool for clients, but a tool to improve your coaching skills. The focus it develops in your sessions is an invaluable tool for anyone in coaching. Just a few of my words. I really believe it!
Coach Training Participant

Thank you very much Pastor Sam for all you are doing for the Kingdom of God through out the whole world. You are a blessing to many, especially me. I was really struggling in the area of helping people realize their true potential. I was always ‘telling’ and not ‘asking’. Such that I was overstretched trying to find solutions for them, instead of helping them find their own solutions. I’m never going to be the same again, thanks to you, Pastor Randy, Pastor Scott!
Vusi Mkhonta
Swaziland, S. Africa, Coach Training Participant