Questions About Booking

Below are some answers to questions we often receive.
If you have additional questions, please feel free to
contact us.

At what kinds of events does Sam speak?
Sam speaks in a variety of settings including coaching (personal, one-on-one and corporate); leadership retreats and gatherings; men’s retreats; couples’ retreats (with his wife, Vicki); church services; college chapel services; youth events, services, and retreats; missions banquets and conventions; outreach events; and camps.

Does Vicki take engagements as well?
Yes.  Vicki speaks in coaching settings, as well as church services and women’s retreats.  She and Sam also work together speaking at couples’ retreats.

Does Vicki accompany Sam on all trips?
Sam enjoys Vicki accompanying him and please let us know if this is possible.

We’re preparing a gift basket for Sam.  What kinds of snack foods does he like? Sam has no food allergies but prefers to eat things that are low in fat and sugar, when possible.  So things such as low fat microwave popcorn, unsalted nuts, and fruit are great.  As for beverages, he enjoys coffee (but prefers not decaf or flavored), water, and diet sodas.

We’re interested in Sam’s ministry but have never heard him speak.  Does he have a sample message that we can hear? Yes!  Click HERE to listen to a sample sermon.

Are there promotional materials available to help us plan for a successful event?
Yes.  We have made photos, bios, and other graphics available for download from our website.  Just visit our Promotions Page.