Coaching Certification Process

Sam & Vicki provide Coach Training Certification through AG Coaching. (AGC) offers three levels of coach certification. In preparation, an applicant should begin by obtaining training from a reputable coach training source. AGC has adopted the competency standard of the International Coach Federation (ICF) as the standard by which all training and certifying of coaches is measured, therefore, AGC Endorsed Trainers offer training in the skills required by ICF. AGC acknowledges that there are many reputable coach training schools and will recognize training from equivalent institutions. AGC’s primary concern is the adequate development of the coach’s skill competencies.

Mentor Coach:
The mentor coach must hold at least AG Coaching Level 3 (AGCC), ICF ACC, or higher certification. A mentor coach does not function as your personal coach but works with you to improve your coaching skills. You may ask questions regarding the coaching process, practice coaching your mentor coach and receive helpful feedback, or use your time with your coach in any way that advances your coaching ability.

The Logged Coaching Hours: Recording of logged hours must begin after receiving an initial 15-16 hours of coach specific training (i.e. Unit 501) offered by AG Coaching Endorsed Trainers or by completing an introductory coach training course offered by a recognized equivalent. The required hours of logged coaching does not have to be “paid” hours for AG Coach certification. But, it needs to be noted that if you desire an ICF coach credential, ICF requires 80% of your logged hours be “paid” (compensation or barter).

The Assessment: The applicant will coach an assessing coach for 30 minutes and receive feedback during the second 30 minutes. A written report from the assessing coach and a note of determination regarding your status will be sent to you from AG Coaching.

The process to obtain AG Coach certification is:

  • Obtain required training
  • Fulfill other requirements
  • Submit application with fee to AG Coaching
  • Be assessed

A coach credential is issued based upon satisfactory fulfillment of requirements.

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