Provisions & Arrangements

Now that you’ve scheduled Sam to speak, below are a few things to help you plan.

Air Transportation:
We have found that it is easier for us to book the flight for Sam and then send the ticket information (arrival/departure times and cost) for reimbursement.  Sam will fly from Dallas, Texas to the airport nearest you (or the airport of your preference).  Reimbursements will be invoiced of booking date(s) to be processed in advance of your booking date.

Ground Transportation:
Many churches have a church vehicle that they lend to him for the duration of his stay, and others prefer to have someone meet him and see that he gets to the scheduled events.  Sam is flexible with whatever method that your budget allows.

Typically, the church/organization is more familiar with the area than Sam is and many have special rates with certain hotels, so the church/organization usually makes the lodging arrangements for Sam and then sends the information to our office.  Lodging accommodations that provide wireless internet access and breakfast availability. We have found the Hilton & Marriott Family of accommodations to be of high satisfaction.

Honorarium and Reimbursement Checks:
Checks should be made out to Sam Farina Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 2609
Red Oak, TX 75154

A copy of our W-9 is available by emailing our office.

Media Presentations:
Media presentations will be prepared before hand and can be made available prior to the event by e-mail or memory drive. Sam will give the file to a media technician and guide him/her through the presentation prior to his speaking.

Sam’s Wife, Vicki:
Whenever possible Sam enjoys his wife Vicki accompanying him.

Resource Table:
Sam will be traveling with resource materials, so having a table ready for him would be wonderful.  Please coordinate one trustworthy volunteer to man Sam’s table so that he can focus on personal interaction. You can determine the best location for the table, such as a foyer.